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Locating an event

To locate an event in the Scheduler tool, you can scroll along the timeline and use navigation buttons on the toolbar.

  1. Scroll to the date and time of the event on the timeline if you know the starting date and time of the recording.
  2. Click the Zoom In button. ( Up Arrow)

    The Scheduler window zooms in to show the timeline in detail. You can keep zooming in until it shows one-minute increments on the timeline.

  3. Scroll along the timeline to find your event.
  4. To zoom out the Scheduler window, click the Zoom Out button. ( Down Arrow)

    You can keep zooming out until it shows six-hour increments on the timeline.

  5. You can go to the previous day ( G) or the next day ( H) by scrolling the timeline or pressing those shortcut keys.
  6. To find other events on different dates, click the Go to Date button. ( D)

    A calendar opens for you to select a specific date to view on the Scheduler. You can select a day of any month from the calendar and go to that date in the Scheduler.

  7. To automatically get to the current time of the day in the Scheduler's track view mode, choose one of these steps below:
    • Click the Go to Current button.
    • Click the Toggle Timelock button. The timelock turns on and the current time indicator is locked to the center of the Scheduler tool. The timeline moves accordingly but the Scheduler locks the current time display at the center of the scheduling track all the time.

    This is useful if you want to check the event that is currently recording.

    The timelock turns off if you scroll along the track again.

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