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Configure Scheduled Transfer send locations

Only systems that transfer assets via the Scheduled Transfer tool require this process.
  • To use the Scheduled Transfer tool, you must log on with a user account to which the Scheduled Transfer role is assigned. If the role is not assigned, the Scheduled Transfer tool is not available.
For the Scheduled Transfer tool, configure a location as follows:
  1. In GV STRATUS Control Panel, navigate to General | Locations Config | Locations Configuration | Add.

  2. Configure as follows:
    Setting or button Description
    Location Name The name of the location, as it appears in the application. This can be any name, as appropriate for your workflow. This identifies the Scheduled Transfer location when creating the transfer event in the Inspector.
    Description Your description of the location.
    Source / Destination Set to Destination.
    Usable by Set to Scheduled Transfer.
    Location Path The UNC path to the folder for the transfer location. You can click the browse icon to launch the Windows dialog and select a specific location in your network.
    Location Path Credentials The credentials required to access the location.
  3. Click Apply.

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