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Search constraints and considerations

By default, search results are limited to 2000 items in the 32-bit application, and 5000 items in the 64-bit application. In the advanced search section, you can define the limit, from 50 to 5000 items.

To increase the success of your search, do the following:

  • With the exceptions explained below, non-alphanumeric characters, such as !, -, _, @, #, %, etc., are interpreted as breaks and are searched the same as a space between words in the search string. Do not form a search using these characters alone. The exception is the asterisk character (*), which is not interpreted as a break.
  • Non-alphanumeric characters that are a part of common conventions such as dates, times, decimals, fractions, timecode, email addresses, IP addresses, etc., are not interpreted as a break in the convention. If a word has an @ character in the middle, it is interpreted as an email address and the @ character is not searched as a space between words.
  • To include non-alphanumeric characters in your search, surrounded your search word or words with quotation marks.

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