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Searching assets with the advanced search tool

  1. Enter the text that you want to search in the Simple Search field.
  2. Click the Advanced Search Toggle button at the bottom of the Simple Search tool. The advanced search options open.

  3. In the Location drop-down list, select the location (search provider) you want to search in.
  4. Select either Find Assets or Find Groups on the left drop-down list.
    • Find Assets — The search returns assets only such as clip, sub-clip, list, sequence, edl, and EDIUS sequence.
    • Find Groups — The search returns groups such as STRATUS Group, EDIUS Group, EDIUS Project, EDIUS Template, and Device Bin.
  5. For the drop-down list on the right, select the type of search you are doing:
    • where ALL of the conditions below are met — The search returns results that match all conditions.
    • where ANY of the conditions below are met — The search returns results that match any condition.
    • where a Custom expression is satisfied.. — A Custom Expression field opens in which you can enter a custom search expression.
  6. Click the Add Condition button and configure search conditions as follows:
    • For each condition (1, 2, 3, 4, etc) select from lists or enter text to define the condition.

      A Marker search includes marker name, marker description, and marker tags. While a custom metadata field search also allows you to search for an empty field.

    • Click the Add Condition button again to add or the X button to remove conditions from the list.
    • When you create a "contains" condition that searches a text field, you can enter text with advanced query syntax to search that field.
    • When you create an "is between" condition, you can enter dates and times to specify a time range for the search.
    • When you create the "is Empty" condition, you can search for empty fields including rating, tags, and Boolean custom metadata.
  7. In the Limit Results drop-down list, select the maximum number of assets in your search results.
  8. To start the search, press Enter. Results matching the search criteria are displayed in the Asset List.

If it is not apparent why some assets were returned for your search, add columns to the search results asset list or view assets in Inspector.

If you need to reset columns later, you can right-click on the Asset List and select Columns | Reset Columns to Default.

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