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Linking asset to a house number

House numbers are automatically populated in the House Number List when the traffic system drops BXF files inclusive of list of programs and house numbers into the traffic watch folder. Users can then browse for assets related to those programs and link them to the respective house numbers. The link between assets and house numbers provide an easy workflow for playout automation later.

If GV STRATUS security is enforced, your credentials must give you full permissions for all 5 custom metadata fields of House Numbers.

  1. Select an asset in the Asset List.
  2. Drag the asset into the House Number List.

    A tooltip appears and each row in the House Number List highlights when your cursor selects a row.

    Note: Without Write permissions on all 5 custom metadata fields, the Not Allowed icon displays and the process to link/unlink asset to a house number is not permitted.
  3. Drop the asset into the selected row of House Number.

    The asset links to the house number and the asset name appears in the Media column of the house number.

    The beginning for each row of linked house number displays in blue.

  4. If you linked an asset to a wrong house number, right-click on the house number and select Unlink.
  5. Repeat above steps to link more assets to other house numbers.
After an asset is linked to a house number, a BXF file is generated and sent to the traffic system for notification of the new association.

When an asset with multiple segmentations is linked to a house number, those segmentations can also be viewed in the House Number List.

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