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About logging modes in GV Log Viewer

The GV Logging System provides three type of logging modes: Online, Snapshot and Offline. Supported logging modes are as follows:
  • Online:
    • Allows online analyzing of a system by live monitoring of the system behavior based on log messages.
    • Allows connecting to one or multiple GV LogManager(s) at the same time.
    • In Online mode, only log messages are displayed from the moment the operator started the GV LogViewer.
    • By default, the GV Log Viewer opens with the Online mode. If not, you can select File | Mode | Online.

  • Snapshot:
    • Allows you to define a period of time in the past for log messages to be analyzed.
    • Allows you to select a specific machine you are interested in and select a pre-configured ‘Delivery Filter’, if desired.
    • Therefore, only log messages from the particular machine and specific dates are listed allowing an administrator to focus on the specific time-frame when the failure happened.
    • After selecting File | Mode | Snapshot, the dialog below appears for you to configure the Snapshot mode.

  • Offline:
    • Allows you to load log files from a GV STRATUS system into the GV LogViewer to analyze log messages from a remote system.
    • Allows you to delete the current log entries, select a delivery filter, and select the log file(s) you intend to load.
    • After selecting File | Mode | Offline, the dialog below appears for you to configure the Offline mode. After selecting the Delivery Filter and clicking OK, another dialog appears for you to browse folders and select the specific log file to load.

Since it is possible to configure the Severity level and Trace level for certain Log Sources, you can expect lots of log messages to be analyzed. These three different logging modes allow a service personnel to isolate the time-frame and specific system component he needs when searching through the log messages.

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