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About GV Log Viewer controls

The toolbar lets you access GV Log Viewer controls.
Icon Description
Online mode: Allows you to switch to Online mode.
Offline mode: Allows you to switch to Offline mode.
Snapshot mode: Allows you to switch to Snapshot mode.
Open file: Allows you to import messages from a file for Offline mode.
Clear Messages: Allows you to clear all log messages.
Auto scrolling: Allows you to toggle between enabling or disabling auto scrolling of messages.
Find Messages: Allows you to search and find items in the messages.
Delivery Filters: Allows you to filter messages based on pre-configured conditions.
Message Colors: Allows you to define colors of messages in the Message List.
Settings: Allows you to configure settings of the GV Log Viewer, such as configuration of the maximum number of messages, number of lines per log entry, and UTC timecode display.

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