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Configuring the Trace Level

Some GV STRATUS software modules are logging into the Windows Event Log. For those software modules, the configuration of the Trace Level provides the capability to adjust the amount of messages written into the Windows Event Log / GV STRATUS Log.

  1. Click Plugins | GV STRATUS | Trace Level Configuration.

    The Trace Level Configuration dialog appears.

  2. Select a Log Source from the Source drop-down list.

    The green tick sign displays if the log source is enabled to be traced.

  3. Select an Info Level between 0 (None) - 10 (All).

    By default, the Destination is always set to Trace to Event Log.

    You can also click the Reset All Configurations button to disable and reconfigure all traces.

  4. Click OK.

    All configured traces are sent to the Windows Event Log.

Since Trace Levels are stored in the systems registry, you must restart the affected GV STRATUS component to apply the Trace Level change.

Note: A restart of a service or an MDI has an impact on the system operation. Therefore, ensure there is no important operation in progress before restarting the particular system.

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