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Viewing Windows Event Log in GV Log Viewer

You can configure Windows Event Log messages to be displayed via the GV Log Viewer. This allows you to import those messages, store them in GV Log files, and view them with all other messages from different Log Sources.

  1. Select a GV STRATUS back-end machine in the Log Manager panel to retrieve its Event Log.
  2. Right-click on the selected machine and select Event Log Setting.

    The Event Log Settings dialog opens.

    All applications running on that system are displayed.

  3. Select the applications you want to retrieve log messages from.

    You can click the Select All button to retrieve log messages from all applications.

    You can also click the Unselect All button to reset and deselect from all applications.

  4. Click OK.

    Event Log messages from the selected applications are stored then by the GV Logging system and displayed from now on in the GV Log Viewer.

    Log Sources pulled from the Windows Event Log have their sources display in square brackets behind each Log Source name.

    Note: Log Sources from applications logging into the Windows Event Log are displayed the first time when they are producing log messages.

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