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Launching and connecting the GV Log Viewer

Once you have installed the GV Log Viewer on the GV STRATUS Express/Core server, you can launch it as follows:

  1. Click Start | All Programs | Grass Valley | GV Log Viewer .

    The GV Log Viewer opens.

  2. Select File | New to add a new system.

    The Add System dialog opens.

  3. Enter details as below:
    Setting or button Description
    Name Name of the GV STRATUS Express/Core server or back-end machine to be monitored.
    Type Select the system type as GV STRATUS.
    Address Enter the IP address of the GV STRATUS Express/Core server or back-end machine.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Repeat above steps to add other systems to the GV Log Viewer.

    The GV Logging System extracts configuration data of all back-end machines, such as Express/Core Server, Engine servers (MEWS, GVRE, XCE, DME) and lists all GV Log Managers installed in this GV STRATUS system.

  6. Select a GV Log Manager from the list of back-end machines, right-click and select Connect.

    GV Log Viewer connects to the selected GV Log Manager and displays as connected with the green tick sign.

    By default, all Log Sources are set to the Severity Level - ‘Notice’ and new messages will be listed when connected.

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