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Renaming a GV STRATUS Core/Express server

This topic is for renaming a GV STRATUS server that has the role of GV STRATUS Core Services. The following GV STRATUS servers have the role of GV STRATUS Core Services:
  • GV STRATUS Express server
  • GV STRATUS Core server

Please contact Grass Valley Support before attempting to rename a GV STRATUS Core/Express server.

Extensive system configuration is required to achieve a working GV STRATUS system. If you only change the display name, it does not change the Core/Express server host name.

Any name change must include updates to SiteConfig, K2 Config, GV STRATUS Control Panel Services Host, GV STRATUS Database, licensing settings, MDI settings, Proxy settings, Engines settings, network domain change, and interfaces with other applications.

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