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Restoring a proxy or engine server

This task applies to the following types of GV STRATUS servers:
  • Proxy server variant, such as Proxy server, Proxy Storage file system server.
  • Engine server variant Render Engine, Workflow Server.
  1. Make hardware connections as follows:
    1. Connect keyboard, monitor, and mouse.
    2. Connect the image LAN cable to the first motherboard port (left most).
    3. Connect 3 LAN cables to the last three motherboard ports.
    4. Connect both AC power cords.
    5. Connect an Acronis bootable USB stick to one of the front USB ports.
  2. Restore from the generic image. This includes the following:
    1. Restore disk image.
    2. Install Fibre Channel card driver.
    3. Do Windows setup. Enter the Administrator password and the server's computer name.
  3. Verify server partitions and configure if necessary.
  4. Restore network and system configuration. This includes the following:
    1. Name adapters.
    2. Reorder adapters.
    3. Set power management settings.
    4. Configure static IP address.
  5. Install SiteConfig Discovery Agent.
  6. Do any Windows High Priority updates that are not already installed.
  7. On Proxy server and Proxy Storage file system server, on proxy share security settings make sure the local "Everyone" has read permission.
  8. On Proxy server and Proxy Storage file system server, add the internal system account, which by default is GVAdmin, to the local Administrators group and on proxy share security settings give that account full permissions.

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