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Setting the SQL server memory limit

The SQL server depends on memory to cache information from databases on disk for fast access. If more data exists on disk than can be held in memory, the SQL server performance will degrade.

To avoid low memory issues on the GV STRATUS Core server or the standalone Database server, the memory that should be assigned to SQL server depends on the memory size of the physical device.

Grass Valley recommends the setting of SQL server memory limit according to the table below:

Physical Memory SQL server memory limit Approximate number of assets supported
12 GB 5120 MB 200,000 – 350,000
16 GB 8192 MB 320,000 – 560,000
32 GB 18,432 MB 720,000 – 1,260,000
48 GB 32,768 MB 1,280,000 – 2,240,000
64 GB 47,104 MB 1,900,000 – 3,360,000

Set the SQL server memory limit as follows:

  1. From the Windows desktop click Start | All Programs | Microsoft SQL Server and select Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio opens.
  2. Log on as an Administrator.
  3. Right-click on the SQL server name and select Properties from the context menu. The Server Properties dialog opens.
  4. Click Memory.

    The Memory page opens.

  5. In the Maximum server memory setting, enter your SQL server memory limit in MB.
  6. Click OK.

A restart of the server is not necessary, but recommended.

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