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Social/External Media matrix

GV STRATUS supports the option to export either No metadata with the Video/Audio essence, or allows selecting the default profile External Media from the Metadata Format drop-down list when configuring the Publish External Media network rule.

GV STRATUS supports these features for Social/External Media platform as follows:

Supported Features YouTube Twitter Facebook Verizon
Video/Audio Essence      
Publish Hi-Res (SD, HD) MXF, GXF, MOV Not supported. MOV MXF, GXF
Publish GV Stratus Lo-Res (MPEG4) Supported. Supported. Supported. Supported.
Publish other Lo-Res essence formats Supported. Not supported. Supported. Supported.
Associated Metadata        
Publish metadata - Asset Name Supported. Supported. Supported. Supported.
Publish metadata - Asset Description Supported. Supported. Supported. Supported.
Publish metadata - Asset Tags Not supported. Supported. Not supported. Supported.
Publish metadata - Privacy status Supported.
  • For Public status only
Not supported. Not supported. Not supported.
Publish - 'Closed Caption (CC) Language' information Supported.
  • For en only
Not supported. Supported.
  • For en_US only
Not supported.
Publish - 'Content Category' information Supported. Not supported. Supported.
  • For OTHER only
Associated reference image        
Publish associated Thumbnail Supported. Not supported. Supported. Supported.
Associated Closed Caption        
Publish associated Closed Caption SRT ; TTML Not supported. SRT SCC
Gathering of statistics        
Gather Counts -> View Supported. Not supported. Not supported. Not supported.
Gather Counts -> Like Supported. Supported. Supported. Not supported.
Gather Counts -> Share Not supported. Supported. Supported. Not supported.
Manage media on platform        
Check cyclic whether media still exist Supported. Supported. Supported. Supported.
Delete media on platform Supported. Supported. Supported. Supported.

By default, the above listed GV STRATUS Asset metadata are published to the social/external media platform. Some of them are configurable to GV STRATUS Custom Metadata field(s) such as the Asset -Name, -Description, or -Tags.

If you want to modify the configuration, it is recommended to edit the provided .xslt file and save it under a different name here:

C:\Program Files\Grass Valley\STRATUS Transcode Engine\Profiles\AssetMetadataExport\SocialMedia

For the Content Category metadata field: By default, custom metadata fields must be created manually by an administrator. In this case, the Social Media Engine once installed creates this Custom Metadata field automatically.

If there was nothing entered for an asset, default values are published depending on the individual platform.

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