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Publishing content to Social Media platforms

GV STRATUS version 6.0 introduces the Social Media Management, which allows you to directly publish content and metadata (providing it is supported by the social media platform) to popular social media networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) and track those assets so you can see their popularity on the social platforms, then also delete and manage the content via GV STRATUS for simple housekeeping.

With GV STRATUS version 6.5, the External Media Engine is introduced to support publishing via Social Media CMS-Systems. Instead of managing each social media platform individually, GV STRATUS users may assign third party CMS-Systems to manage and publish contents to their various Social Media accounts. The External Media Engine supports all the same functionalities of the Social Media Engine such as directly publish content and metadata to social media platforms, track popularity of published assets, and easy workflow to delete media and metadata if needed.

Video content and (optionally) stills, closed captions and metadata can be immediately published from the system to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Users in News or Live Production will be able to distribute their content to their viewers and subscribers without the need for complex downstream systems. GV STRATUS will control the creation, transcoding and publishing of the media, exporting and uploading the asset metadata in parallel.

The GV STRATUS Social Media Management will also collect statistics and usage info for these assets, allowing users to immediately see how their content is being consumed and rated on individual social platforms.

The GV STRATUS Social Media Management also tracks the assets on the social networks so that, when the time comes for housekeeping of the assets in the GV STRATUS system, you can also delete the media and metadata from each social media platform. This means a much simpler and cleaner workflow for media managers and digital teams when they use GV STRATUS.

For more information, refer to the GV STRATUS Social Media Management page.

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