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About redundant K2 SANs

If your GV STRATUS system accesses a redundant K2 SAN, it introduces some considerations for operation and maintenance. A redundant K2 SAN has two K2 Media Servers (FSMs) that have the role of media file system server. These are redundant servers, so either server can be primary and either server can be backup. At any given time, one operates as the primary server and the other operates as the backup server. All K2 SAN media access takes place via the primary server, with the backup server online in a standby mode. Should a fault occur on the primary, a failover event occurs in which the backup becomes primary and the former primary shuts down.

In the GV STRATUS application you do not see the two K2 Media Servers in the Navigator tree-view. Instead, you see the K2 SAN represented as one location in the Assets view. Regardless of which redundant server is currently primary, you see no difference in your view of assets. This view of the K2 SAN is defined when you configure the Grass Valley Media Server MDI in the GV STRATUS Control Panel application.

In the GV STRATUS Control Panel application, K2 Storage settings provide a view of your K2 SAN that reports the primary or backup status of K2 Media Servers. When you refresh the view the report of primary/backup status is updated.

In the GV STRATUS Control Panel application, the same send destination locations must be configured for both primary and backup servers in the redundant K2 SAN system. In the case of a failover event, send destination locations will still be available for GV STRATUS and EDIUS applications.

If a failover event occurs on the redundant K2 SAN, a proxy-workflow GV STRATUS application momentarily suspends access to assets on the K2 SAN. After the failover event is complete, you can repopulate Asset Lists and other views of assets to continue with your media operations. Refer to the "Installing and Servicing the K2 SAN" section of the K2 Topic Library for more information about K2 SAN failover and steps for recovery after a failover.

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