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About roles

The concept of a "role" plays an important part in understanding system configuration, as follows:
  • SiteConfig — When defining devices in SiteConfig, roles designate what system functions are carried out on which devices. Depending on the particular device model, SiteConfig provides typical roles and allows you to assign roles, within constraints appropriate for the device type. Depending on the roles assigned, SiteConfig then installs the appropriate software on the device.
  • K2Config — Roles are applied to K2 Media Servers in K2Config. This defines how K2Config then configures the K2 media file system, K2 media database, services, and other K2 system components to create the K2 SAN.
  • GV STRATUS Control Panel — User groups and accounts that are configured in the GV STRATUS Control Panel application are assigned roles. The roles correspond in a general sense to GV STRATUS application tools and other features. Depending on the roles assigned to the account used to log in to the GV STRATUS, tools and features are either displayed or hidden.

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