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The GV STRATUS server hosts the software services and databases of the GV STRATUS system. There can be one or more GV STRATUS servers in a GV STRATUS system, with services and databases distributed across servers as appropriate for the size of the system. For smaller GV STRATUS systems, the GV STRATUS Express server can also store low-resolution proxy media.

Components that can reside on a GV STRATUS server include the following:
  • License management — Services that manage the assignment of licenses and roles to groups and users.
  • User preferences — The settings you make in the STRATUS application. When you log in to the GV STRATUS application with the same credentials, the settings you make on one PC are available on other PCs.
  • Proxy Server — Services that manage the location of proxy media and the GV STRATUS application's access to the proxy media.
  • Databases — Includes information for the following:
    • Media asset management
    • Metadata
    • Rules
    • Transfers
    • GV STRATUS Rundown SDB (Simple Database)
    • Scheduler
    • Rules Engine
    • Workflow Engine
  • MDI MDI is the acronym for Managed Device Interface. An MDI is a software component that provides an interface for the GV STRATUS database to access a device. Typically these are devices on which media resides, such as K2 systems, NAS devices, and archive devices. Each type of device has its own MDI. For most MDIs, the MDI software component is hosted on the GV STRATUS Core server, rather than being hosted on the same machine that it accesses. MDIs include the following:
    • Grass Valley Media Server
    • Summit Standalone
    • Summit SAN
    • DIVA
    • FlashNet
    • Generic FTP
    • Masstech
  • Render EngineA GV STRATUS server that functions as a proxy encoder and as a conform server. As a proxy encoder, the server creates low-resolution proxy assets. If a high-resolution asset does not yet have associated proxy, the server creates it. The software that provides the proxy encoder functionality can run on a dedicated Render Engine server or on a GV STRATUS server that has other roles as well, such as a GV STRATUS Express server. As a conform server, the server hosts the Render Engine Service. The service renders a complex asset, such as a GV STRATUS sequence or a project created in EDIUS, into a simple clip.
  • Workflow ServerA GV STRATUS server dedicated to hosting the Workflow Engine Service, the Rules Engine Service, and the Xcode Control Engine Service. These services support rules-based operations.

A Fault Tolerant (FT) GV STRATUS server is also available. This is an enhanced platform designed to reduce the risk of system failure.

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