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MDI and Encoder logical names convention

As you configure your system you must create and enter logical names for the various software components (services) that provide functionality. These logical names provide a mapping of the functionality of the standard system services to the specific machines in your particular system. For this reason you should take care to create logical names that are easy to identify and interpret as they appear in the various configuration pages.

It is especially important that you distinguish between the logical name of a software component and the hostname of the machine to which the software component relates. For example, a convention could be that machine names are lower case and logical names are upper case.

The software components that require logical names are as follows:
  • MDIs — The GV STRATUS system uses a Managed Device Interface (MDI) to manage a device that is not a platform for GV STRATUS software. Typically these are the machines on which media resides, such as K2 Summit/SAN systems and archive devices. Each type of device has its own MDI. The MDI software component is hosted on a GV STRATUS server, rather than being hosted on the same machine that it manages.
  • Encoder services — The GV STRATUS system uses services to manage the scavenge encoder media processing. Typically these are a type of “transfer” service. This type of software component is hosted on the machine that it manages.

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