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Proxy and live streaming workflow overview

When licensed and configured, a K2 Summit system creates low-resolution representations of high-resolution media. Similar to PB/EE functionality, the K2 Summit System creates a live stream of low-resolution media at the SDI input and a live stream of low-resolution media at the SDI output, whether or not record/play operations are underway. These streams are multicast to the network and are available to applications on the network. When media is recorded, the K2 Summit system encodes a high resolution clip and a low resolution proxy clip. The system keeps these clips associated so any changes take effect simultaneously for both clips.

The GV STRATUS application accesses the low-resolution media over the network. When you monitor the K2 Summit system SDI inputs and outputs, the application displays the live stream. When you view an asset, the application displays the proxy representation of the asset. When you edit an asset, the K2 Summit system makes your changes on both the proxy and the high resolution asset.

The K2 Summit system can also generate low-latency streaming media for use by DynoZoom and live monitoring. Refer to related topics in the "Configuring the K2 System" section of the K2 Topic Library.

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