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HTTP server overview

The GV STRATUS system HTTP server provides access to low resolution proxy media.

The GV STRATUS application accesses the proxy using a HTTP URL. This supports efficient, high-speed, and simultaneous access to proxy from multiple GV STRATUS clients. In addition, the HTTP server supports remote access for GV STRATUS clients.

The HTTP server is on the GV STRATUS device designated the proxy server. This can be one of the following devices, depending on the GV STRATUS system configuration:
  • GV STRATUS Express server
  • Proxy server
  • Proxy Storage file system server

GV STRATUS components that create the low resolution proxy media must write the proxy files to a location served by the HTTP server. This location is SMB proxy share. The GV STRATUS Control Panel creates the proxy share automatically when you configure Proxy Config settings. The proxy share is shared with full permission granted to the internal system account, which by default is GVAdmin. The K2 system and the Render Engine create proxy media and therefore require this SMB access to the proxy share.

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