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About application status

You can view the status of the application as follows:

Status Bar

Indicates whether the application is ready or not, the user account currently logged on, and license information.

Status Indicator

Displays an alert when a problem occurs that requires your attention.

Notification pop-up panel

Provides a condensed view of status.

To open the Notification pop-up panel to the Status page, in the lower-right GV STRATUS application Status bar, click the Status indicator. The Status indicator can display the Error message icon.

To open the Status Viewer panel for an expanded view, click Open Main Status Viewer.

To view other notifications, click the arrow on the right of the pane. You can view security notification, background tasks, job status, system status, and bin quota limit, if reached.

To close the Notification pop-up panel, click the down-arrow on the top edge of the panel or click the Status indicator again.

Status Viewer panel

Allows you to view the status of the application, its components, workspace layout, and any services associated with the application.

To open the main Status Viewer panel, do one of the following:
  • Click the Status indicator then click Open Main Status Viewer.
  • Click Help | Status.

The Status Viewer panel gives a complete view of information. You can quickly evaluate the system status information by scanning the display icons:
  • Information: Indicates an information message.
  • Warning: Indicates a warning message.
  • Error: Indicates an error message.

By default, the Scroll Automatically box is checked.

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