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No video appears when you click the Live Streaming Video button. Check networking and connection to the K2 Summit/SAN system V:\ drive. To test, navigate on the K2 Summit/SAN system to the V:\live streaming directory. Open the corresponding *.sdp file in Quicktime and verify that video is available.
Problem with Live Streaming when the K2 Summit system's IP address is changed. On the K2 Summit system navigate to V:\live streaming and use Notepad or a similar text editor to open a *.sdp file. Check the first IP address listed in the file, on the o= line. If it is not the K2 Summit system's Control Connection IP address, delete the *.sdp files in the directory and restart the K2 Summit system.
When running GV STRATUS on a virtual machine or connecting with a Remote Desktop session to a PC running GV STRATUS, there is no video or graphic display in the GV STRATUS application. Use the GV STRATUS application directly on an actual GV STRATUS client PC. Remote Desktop and virtual machines do not provide the graphics support required by the GV STRATUS application.
The GV STRATUS application takes a long time to open or does not open. This can happen when the application attempts to load the last used workspace when it opens and there is a problem with that workspace. To open with the default workspace, hold down the left-hand Alt key while the application opens. To open with all user settings disabled, open the application from the command prompt using the failsafe switch, as in STRATUS /failsafe.
A "Windows could not start the GV STRATUS ... service" Error 1069 message appears. This can happen when a password is changed using an improper procedure. Refer to related topics in this Topic Library.

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