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Summary of upgrade from version 2.5 to version 2.8

GV STRATUS servers are affected by the version 2.5 to version 2.8 upgrade, as follows:
  • EDIUS XRE Server A server dedicated to hosting EDIUS XRE Management Server/XRE Node and XRE Monitor (management node) software. This software performs a rendering process when exporting a project created in EDIUS. The EDIUS XRE Server is a new type of GV STRATUS server for version 2.7.
  • Workflow ServerA GV STRATUS server dedicated to hosting the Workflow Engine Service, the Rules Engine Service, and the Xcode Control Engine Service. These services support rules-based operations. The Workflow Server is a new type of GV STRATUS server for version 2.8.
Several upgrade tasks are specific to the version 2.5 to version 2.8 upgrade. Apply upgrade tasks as appropriate for your system design, as follows:
  • All systems:
    • The following items are lost when upgrading. For settings you want to save, make a record of your settings with version 2.5 so that you can reconfigure after upgrading to version 2.8:
      • Authorization Manager settings, including all assignments of license and roles to groups and users.
      • Favorites
      • Saved searches
    • Rules: After the upgrade you can configure export, transfer, and delete rules.
    • Delete Rights: After the upgrade you can deny delete rights to groups and users.
    • EDIUS XS: After the upgrade you can install the EDIUS application on your GV STRATUS Client PCs. Requires EDIUS license.
    • EDIUS Elite: If you have existing high-resolution (iSCSI SAN-attached) client PCs with EDIUS Elite installed, you must manually uninstall EDIUS and supporting software before upgrading.
    • Segmentation: After the upgrade, you can configure and use Segmentation features if desired.
  • A1, B1, C1 systems:
    • Add one or more EDIUS XRE Servers to your system.
    • Add one or more Workflow Servers to your system.

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