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Summary of upgrade from version 3.0 to version 3.1

Several upgrade tasks are new or require special consideration with the upgrade from version 3.0 to version 3.1. Apply upgrade tasks as appropriate for your system design, as follows:
  • All systems:
    • Windows update: KB2859537 and KB2872339 not supported on Grass Valley devices.
    • .NET upgrade: All GV STRATUS servers (including EDIUS XRE) and all client PCs hosting a GV STRATUS application and/or an EDIUS application must upgrade to .NET 4.5, if that version of .NET is not already installed.
  • Systems with high-resolution client PCs, such as those using the RMI tool or a high-resolution editor:
    • After the upgrade, in GV STRATUS Control Panel Proxy Access settings, add GV STRATUS client PCs and set them to high resolution.
  • Systems using Adobe Premiere:
    • After the upgrade, you can install the GV STRATUS plug-in for Adobe Premiere if desired. To do so, follow installation instructions in this Topic Library.

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