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Summary of upgrade from version 3.1 to version 4.0

Several upgrade tasks are new or require special consideration with the upgrade from version 3.1 or 3.5 to version 4.0. Apply upgrade tasks as appropriate for your system design, as follows:
  • All systems:
    • GV STRATUS software installation automatically creates and installs a security certificate on the GV STRATUS Core server. No manual steps are required.
    • Schedule Monitor, Security Manager, Move Rights, Rename Bins Rights, Queue Management, Auto Logout: After the upgrade, existing users and groups do not have these roles assigned, so you must assign the roles if appropriate. If you create new users and groups, some roles are assigned by default, so you must remove those roles if appropriate.
    • Auto Logout settings: If assigning the Auto Logout role to users/groups, configure the desired application timeout.
    • Rules: After the upgrade you can additionally configure rule-based import of content and metadata.
    • .NET upgrade: All K2 Summit systems, GV STRATUS servers, and all client PCs hosting a GV STRATUS application and/or an EDIUS application must upgrade to .NET 4.5, if that version of .NET is not already installed.
    • Embedded Security: You must do a one-time initial deployment process on all GV STRATUS and K2 systems that run Embedded Security. Refer to the task Deploy Embedded Security solution - One-time process. This task isolates the steps required for the one-time process. If you have sufficient knowledge of systems and upgrades, you can modify your software upgrade steps as necessary to do the one-time process at the same time as your other software upgrades, rather than as isolated steps. After the one-time process is complete, it is not necessary to put Embedded Security in Update Mode when installing software.
      Note: A re-image of the computer might be necessary if the Embedded Security one-time process is done incorrectly. Follow instructions carefully.
      Note: After this process is complete, Embedded Security must remain in Enabled Mode for normal operation and during software upgrade/install. Do not put Embedded Security in Update Mode.
      Also, Windows updates KB2859537 and KB2872339 can be installed.
    • Internal system account: If the internal system account for your GV STRATUS system is on a fully qualified domain or is not the default GVAdmin account, configure settings at GV STRATUS Control Panel Core | STRATUS Core Services | Primary Site as appropriate for your system.
  • Systems with Remote Site configured:
    • Verify and configure Remote Site settings. GV STRATUS security requires re-entering existing information and configuring new settings.
  • Systems with EDIUS and GV Render Engine server:
    • Requires the installation of Windows High Priority updates. For more details, refer to Install Important Windows updates for EDIUS.
    • When using SiteConfig to install the GV Render Engine cab, the server might reboot and gives a false indication that the cab installs.
  • Systems with Conform Server and/or XRE Server:
    • Both Conform Server and XRE Server functionality is combined into the GV STRATUS Render Engine. Conform Server and XRE Server are no longer supported on the GV STRATUS system. You must convert all Conform Servers and XRE Servers to Render Engine servers. The required steps for this conversion are integrated in the main upgrade process and in the section Upgrade GV Render Engine server software and EDIUS client software.
  • Systems with MEWS Server:
    • Set up the MEWS Server in SiteConfig and deploy the MEWS Service software.
  • Systems with Aurora Playout:
    • Aurora Playout is now GV STRATUS Rundown. Aurora Playout is no longer supported on the GV STRATUS system. You must convert all Aurora Playout devices and components to GV STRATUS Rundown.
    • To enable automatic transfer of assets into a playout server, configure the Summit MDI in GV STRATUS Control Panel for the K2 system that is a playout server.
  • Systems with DIVA archive:
    • If upgrading to DIVA version 7.2, update DIVA MDI configuration.

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