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Summary of upgrade from version 3.5 to version 4.0

Several upgrade tasks are new or require special consideration with this upgrade. Apply upgrade tasks as appropriate for your system design, as follows:
  • All systems:
    • GV STRATUS software installation automatically creates and installs a security certificate on the GV STRATUS Core server. No manual steps are required.
    • Schedule Monitor, Security Manager: After the upgrade, existing users and groups do not have these roles assigned, so you must assign the roles if appropriate. If you create new users and groups, some roles are assigned by default, so you must remove those roles if appropriate.
    • Require the upgrade of SNFS (StoreNext File System) version 4.7.2 if you are upgrading to K2 9.5 system. For more details, refer to the "Upgrading K2 systems" section of the K2 Topic Library.
  • Systems with EDIUS and GV Render Engine server:
  • Systems with Remote Site configured:
    • Verify and configure Remote Site settings. GV STRATUS security requires re-entering existing information and configuring new settings.
  • Systems with MEWS Server:
    • Set up the MEWS Server in SiteConfig and deploy the MEWS Service software.
  • Systems with GV STRATUS Rundown:
    • To enable automatic transfer of assets into a playout server, configure the Summit MDI in GV STRATUS Control Panel for the K2 system that is a playout server.
  • Systems with DIVA archive:
    • If upgrading to DIVA version 7.2, update DIVA MDI configuration.
  • Systems with routers using SMS7000 protocol:
  • Systems with Ingest database:

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