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Upgrade Workflow Server, license, configure Rules

Follow the topics in this section to upgrade Workflow Server components in your system.

Only systems with a Workflow Server require this process. Use SiteConfig for network setup and software install.

GV STRATUS supports a separate workflow server. The separate workflow server is recommended for B1 (FT) and C1 (FT) configurations.

The separate Workflow Server allows the separation of GV STRATUS Engines (Workflow-, Rules-, XCodeControl- and optional DataMover-Engine) away from the Core Server for large system setups where rules and workflows are used intensively paired with lots of file exports. Since the release of version 5.5, all GV STRATUS Databases are running on one Database Server, which is usually the Core Server. Be aware that the Workflow- and Rules Engine must run as singletons in the system. So when you remove the role from the Core Server and assign it to the new Workflow Server make sure the Engine software is uninstalled from the Core Server. In case there is a problem with the communication between the Engines and the SQL Database running on the Core Server, verify that the SQL Server has the TCP/IP Protocol enabled.

For very large scaled systems, it is possible to deploy the GV STRATUS Databases on a separate server away from the Core Server. When you want to move engines away from the Core server to a new Workflow Server, there is no need anymore to move the Workflow and Rules Databases. They both remain on the Core server, even when the engines are running on a separate server machine. There is no separate SQL-Server license required for the separate Workflow Server. Just remove the roles from the old server in SiteConfig, assign the roles of the engines (WFE, RUE, XCE, and DME) to the new server machine, deploy the software, and check later on whether those engines are enabled using GV STRATUS Control Panel.

Note: Make sure the new separate Workflow Server has the same image as the Core Server.

This section also contains topics for licensing and configuring GV STRATUS Rules. These topics apply to a Workflow Server. The topics can also apply to your Core Server, if you host the software that supports GV STRATUS Rules on your Core Server rather than on a Workflow Server.

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