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Upgrading K2 systems' hardware

GV STRATUS version 6.8 supports K2 Summit version 10.1.1 and SNFS 6.0 for K2 Summit Standalone(s) and redundant K2 SAN systems.

In order to preserve assets and metadata when upgrading from K2 Summit 9.x/SNFS 4.7 to K2 Summit 10.1.1/SNFS 6.0 for redundant K2 SANs and K2 Summit Standalone(s), the Server Migration and OS upgrade tools must be used.

K2 Summit 10.1.1 systems require the following:

  • 64 GB flash or mSATA cards installed on all K2 Summits
  • AIC 2208 RAID controller installed on K2 Summit Standalone(s)
  • SNFS version 6.0.6.b75382-14 installed
  • The latest Windows 10 OS image installed on all K2 Summits
  • The latest Windows 2016 OS image installed on all Dell servers (for FSMs, FTP servers, GVREs, WFEs, Core servers, etc.)
Note: K2 Centrals are currently not supported and must remain at K2 Summit version 9.8 to work with GV STRATUS.

K2 software downgrade is supported only via the recovery image process. If you must downgrade and you do not have a recovery image at the desired software version, obtain a recovery image from Grass Valley Support.

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