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Check all currently installed software on GV STRATUS devices

Check software on GV STRATUS devices.

  • The device must be assigned in the SiteConfig system description and network connectivity must be present.
  • SiteConfig must be able to log in to the device using the username/password credentials assigned to the device.
  • The SiteConfig PC must not have a network drive mapped to an administrative share (such as C$) on a device on which you are checking software.
  • Put devices that run Embedded Security into Update Mode. Refer to the related topic on the Embedded Security one-time initial deployment process.
    Note: A re-image of the computer might be necessary if the Embedded Security one-time process is done incorrectly. Follow instructions carefully.

Do the following steps on the devices on which you are installing or upgrading software.

  1. In the Software Deployment | Deployment Groups tree view, right-click the top-most node for the group or any individual device and select Check Software.
    Note: If you have access problems, verify that the administrator account on the device has credentials as currently configured in SiteConfig.
    Note: If an "Unable to copy ... to target" error appears for a device that has the Grass Valley Embedded Security solution, apply the Embedded Security solution one-time initial deployment process to the device. After the one-time process is complete the error does not appear and it is no longer necessary to put Embedded Security in Update mode.
    The Check Software dialog box appears. SiteConfig searches for software on the selected device or devices and gathers information. Progress is reported.
  2. When the check is complete, close the Check Software dialog box.

An updated list of all currently installed software is displayed in the Software Deployment | Devices | Installed Software list view. If software is a SiteConfig managed software package, information is displayed in the Managed Package and Deployment Group columns.

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