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Turn off FT server firewall

This task applies to the following:
  • A GV STRATUS Core server on a FT server platform.

A server must have its firewall disabled for proper K2 system operation. This includes the Windows firewall that has different profiles for workgroup, domain, etc. You must do the following steps to disable the firewall.

  1. Log in to the server with Windows administrator privileges.
  2. From the Windows desktop click Start and in the Search programs and files box type the following and then press Enter. wf.msc The Windows Firewall with Advanced Security window opens.

  3. At the bottom of the Overview section, click Windows Firewall Properties. The Properties dialog box opens.

  4. On the Domain Profile tab, set Firewall state to Off.
  5. On the Private Profile tab, set Firewall state to Off.
  6. On the Public Profile tab, set Firewall state to Off.
  7. Click OK to save settings and close.

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