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Create backup for the upgrade to Windows 2016

  1. Launch the Embedded Security Manager and put the server in Update mode.
  2. For Express Core server only: Copy the entire Proxy folder from the F: drive to an external thumb/hard drive.
    Note: Make sure the system is not in use or creating new assets during this time.
  3. Copy the Server Migration zip file to the D: drive of the server.
  4. Extract the file on the D: drive, keeping the default name.
  5. Move the ServerMigration folder within the extracted folder to the root of the D: drive.
  6. Open the folder and run the ConfigBackup.bat file. This saves the required Grass Valley directories, the registry keys and the SQL databases to the GVBACKUP folder.
  7. Zip the entire ServerMigration folder, giving it a unique name, such as YYYY-MM-DD_serverName_ServerMigration.zip.
  8. Copy the zip file to an external thumbdrive or hard drive.

For Core server only: Make a list of the users/groups that you will need to recreate on the new Core server.

For Core/Workflow/GV Render Engine servers: Review the GV Control Panel configuration in order to determine the shared folders you will need to setup on the new server(s). You must verify the GV STRATUS Control Panel configurations after the new server(s) are setup.

Once you have all the required information/files backed up from the old server, do the following:
  • Remove the old server from the domain.
  • Remove the Control network and FTP network IP addresses from the network adapters, if applicable.
  • Shut down the old server. It should not have to be turned on again from this point forward.

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