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Upgrade GV STRATUS Database

This task applies to the following:
  • The GV STRATUS server with the role of GV STRATUS Database.
Before doing this task, do the following:
  • Upgrade software on the GV STRATUS server.
This task upgrades the GV STRATUS database.
  1. Log on to the GV STRATUS server as Administrator.
  2. From the Windows desktop, click Start | All Programs | Grass Valley | Embedded Security Manager.

    Embedded Security Manager opens.

  3. If Current Status is Enabled, click Enter in the Embedded Security Controls section to put it in Update Mode.
  4. Locate the following file: C:\Program Files\Grass Valley\STRATUS Databases\MediaFrameDbUpgrade.exe

    This file is copied to the GV STRATUS server along with the software upgrade.

  5. Double-click MediaFrameDbUpgrade.exe to upgrade the database.
  6. Reboot the GV STRATUS server.
A "The database upgrade completed successfully" message displays.

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