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Upgrading the Discovery Agent

If a newer version of SiteConfig Discovery Agent is available, you must upgrade to the latest version. For more info, refer to Grass Valley products compatible with GV STRATUS.

  1. On the device you plan to manage with SiteConfig, open the Windows Services Control Panel and look for the following required item:
    • SiteConfig Discovery Agent
  2. Check the version number of the SiteConfig Discovery Agent.
    • If the latest version is installed, skip this task.
    • If the latest version is not installed, continue with this procedure.
  3. In order to upgrade Discovery Agent on all your devices, add only the DiscoveryAgent cab to your deployment group(s).
  4. Click the Start Deployment button.

    Deployment tasks run and software is uninstalled. Progress is reported and next steps are indicated in both the Status and Details columns.

  5. When the Uninstall task completes, set Restart to Complete when the Restart required option displays on SiteConfig.
    Note: This is to prevent Siteconfig from losing its connection with any of your devices during the Uninstall/Install process. If the connection is lost, you will need to install Discovery Agent manually and perform a check software on the device(s) in order to sync them up with Siteconfig.
  6. Once the DiscoveryAgent cab is installed, click the “Restart required” option to restart the server.

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