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Upgrade Render Engine and EDIUS software

  • If installing to an EDIUS Workgroup client PC on which you have previously installed EDIUS manually (not with SiteConfig), EDIUS Workgroup and supporting software must first be uninstalled manually, before attempting to install with SiteConfig.
  • QuickTime must be installed on the machine to which you are installing the GV STRATUS Render Engine software.
  • Windows High Priority updates are required and must be installed. For more details, refer to Install Important Windows updates for EDIUS.
Note: Expect long deployment times when installing Render Engine and EDIUS software. EDIUS software and Render Engine software can take several minutes to install. Allow the installation to complete. Do not attempt to stop the installation.
This task applies to GV STRATUS/EDIUS client PCs and Render Engine Server. Use SiteConfig for software deployment.
Install software as follows:
  1. In one SiteConfig deployment session, install EDIUS and Render Engine software.
  2. Restart the device to which you installed the software.

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