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Verify Render Engine and EDIUS software roles

Before doing this task, make sure devices are added to the SiteConfig system description with the correct family and device type. Refer to Complete listing of device types, roles, and software packages for GV STRATUS devices.
Note: GV STRATUS/EDIUS client PC must be in GV STRATUS family, not EDIUS family.
For upgrading components, verify SiteConfig roles on devices as follows:
  • EDIUS XS client, installed on a GV STRATUS client PC
    • GV STRATUS Application
    • EDIUS (Required for EDIUS XS)
  • EDIUS Workgroup client, installed on a SAN-attached GV STRATUS client PC
    • GV STRATUS Application
    • StorNext File System Client (non K2 only)
    • Generic iSCSI Client (non K2 only)
      Note: First install StorNext File System Client, then install Generic iSCSI Client via SiteConfig for the following:
      • First installation of GV STRATUS application into a system.
      • When there is an upgrade of the StorNext File System Client.
    • EDIUS (Required for EDIUS Workgroup)
  • Render Engine server
    • GV STRATUS Control Panel
    • GV Log Manager
    • StorNext File System Client
    • GV Embedded Security Manager
    • GV STRATUS Render Engine

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