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Uninstall EDIUS Workgroup and supporting software

If you have an EDIUS Workgroup client PC on which you have previously installed EDIUS manually (not with SiteConfig), you must do this task before attempting to install software with SiteConfig. Failure to do so results in problems that can require a reimage of the client PC.

Do not attempt to convert an EDIUS Workgroup PC to an EDIUS XS PC. This conversion is not supported.

  1. Uninstall the following software from the PC.
    Note: You must uninstall manually. Do not attempt to use SiteConfig to uninstall.
    • EDIUS
    • GV STRATUS application
    • Generic iSCSI
    • StorNext File System
    • SiteConfig Discovery Agent
    • GV LicenseManager
  2. Restart the PC.

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