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Verify GV STRATUS Engines are running

After upgrading software, make sure the GV STRATUS Engine services are running. This is especially important if you added a SiteConfig role that installs a type of Engine software or otherwise made a change that could affect Engine software as part of the upgrade.
  1. In GV STRATUS Control Panel, click Core | Engines. Engine settings open.

  2. Make sure that in the Configured column the Engine is selected.
  3. Make sure that in the Action column the Stop icon is displayed. This indicates the Engine service is playing.
  4. Make sure that the Status column reports Running.
  5. Verify that GV STRATUS servers with role of Render Engine are listed, and that those servers are set to Engine Type Render Engine.
  6. In the Configured column, select each server with role of Render Engine, with Engine Type Render Engine. You must save settings at initial install/config and any time a GV STRATUS server with an Engine Type role is added, removed, or modified in SiteConfig.
  7. Click Save. Settings are saved to the selected GV STRATUS servers.

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