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Configuring permissions for proxy folder

This is only applicable to fully domain-integrated systems. If the gvadmin account used is part of the domain such as gvservice\gvadmin, you must add the domain\gvadmin account and apply permissions to enable proxy access.

  1. Launch the GV STRATUS Control Panel, go to Proxy Config | Proxy Settings tab and re-save the proxy settings.
  2. In Windows Explorer, right-click on the proxy folder and select Properties.

    The proxy properties window opens.

  3. Select the Sharing tab and click the Advanced Sharing button.

    The Advanced Sharing window opens.

  4. Select the Share this folder check-box.
  5. Click the Permissions button.

    The Permissions window opens.

  6. Select the domain\gvadmin account under group or user names.
  7. Select the Allow check-box for all items to grant full access to the proxy folder.
  8. Click OK.

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