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Importing GV STRATUS assets

You can import GV STRATUS assets into your Adobe Premiere project to consolidate your editing operation.
  1. In the Navigator panel, select the asset or assets you are importing.

    You can also select the Select all assets in Navigator checkbox on the toolbar if you want to import all assets in the bin.

  2. Click the Add selected asset into active bin button to import the asset(s).

    A dialog box opens to show the progress of the import.

    Clips and subclips appear in the active project bin. Sequences, and all clips referenced by the sequences also appear in the active project bin.
  3. Double-click on a clip or subclip in the Adobe Premiere bin to load that clip or subclip into the source viewer.
  4. Double-click on a sequence in the Adobe Premiere bin to open that sequence in the timeline.

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