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Using a saved search in the GV STRATUS plug-in

  1. In the Navigator panel, expand the Searches node.

  2. Find saved searches, organized as follows:
    • Public Searches: Searches saved as public by GV STRATUS system users with the role of Media Manager.
    • Saved Searches: Searches saved by users on GV STRATUS clients.
  3. Select a saved search.

    Search results are automatically displayed in the Navigator panel.

    Note: If the name of public searches or saved searches started with non-alphanumeric characters, the order of display for those searches in GV STRATUS plug-in is not the same as displayed in GV STRATUS clients.
  4. To re-run the search, click the Search button.

    You can also right-click on a saved search and select Refresh to update the search results.

  5. To add the saved search into Favorites node, right-click on a saved search and select Add to Favorites.

    The saved search is now accessible under Favorites node in the Navigator panel.

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