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Upgrading Adobe Premiere Pro CC and GV STRATUS plug-in

  • The GV STRATUS plug-in file must be accessible from your machine.
  • The GV STRATUS Xcode Control Engine must be installed and configured on the GV STRATUS Core server.
  • K2 storage must be set up with Adobe directories.
  • The Adobe Premiere Pro SabreTooth License must be installed on the GV STRATUS Core server.
  1. Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud and select Apps.
  2. Select Premiere Pro CC in the Adobe Creative Cloud.
  3. Click the Update button.

    Premiere Pro CC installs and displays in the Apps section.

  4. Launch your Windows Control Panel to select Internet Options | Connections | LAN Settings and clear the Proxy server setting as below:

    If this setting is enabled, the proxy server slows the performance of your Adobe Premiere Pro CC application.

  5. To install the GV STRATUS Plug-in, you must get the Extension Manager Command Line tool (ExManCmd) from the Adobe Exchange webpage.
  6. Select an installer according to your operating system, download and install the Extension Manager Command Line tool. Do take note of the install location.
  7. Launch the Command Prompt if you are using a Windows client, or the Terminal if you are on a Mac client. Then do the following:
    1. Go to ExManCmd.exe file location by entering: cd <location of ExManCmd.exe>
      • Example for Windows client: cd C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\ExManCmd_win\
      • Example for Mac client: cd Desktop\Contents\MacOS
    2. To install the latest GV STRATUS plug-in, enter the path to the "GV STRATUS.zxp" file:
      • Example for Windows client: ExManCmd.exe /install "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\\GVSTRATUS_4.8.0.39.zxp"
      • Example for Mac client: ./ExManCmd --install "/Users/Administrator/”
  8. Launch the Adobe Premiere Pro CC application.
  9. Click Window | Extensions | GV STRATUS.

    The GV STRATUS plug-in appears in the Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC application.

  10. If GV STRATUS security is enforced, ensure that user accounts have permissions on bins, assets, and send destinations that are part of your Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC workflow.

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