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Using the Audio Overlay

The audio overlay is available on the Source Viewer, the Sequence Viewer, and the Inspector. The number of audio meter display depends on the number of audio tracks associated with the asset. You can load and play assets up to 64 audio tracks if viewing a high-resolution clip, but only up to 32 audio tracks if viewing a low-resolution clip.

  1. On the Source Viewer, the Sequence Viewer, or the Inspector player, hover your mouse pointer on the top left of the asset.

    The audio overlay of the asset displays. Each audio meter bar is labeled with the audio track number for easy reference.

  2. You can manage audio for the asset by clicking the appropriate button:
    • To mute specific audio channels, click the Mute button.
    • To isolate the selected audio channel while muting others, click the Solo button.

    Meters on muted channels will continue to display audio levels.

  3. Click the Pin Audio button to pin the audio overlay and fix it in place.
  4. Click the Collapse Audio button to show or hide meter bar display of audio channels.
  5. Click the arrow button to go to the next page if there are multiple pages in the audio overlay.

  6. Drag the audio overlay off the viewer panel, if desired.

    The audio overlay is re-sizable and can be undocked. The clip name displays on the audio overlay if it is off the viewer panel.

  7. To return the audio overlay to its original position on the viewer, click the Redock button.

The audio meter settings can be configured by selecting Edit | User Preferences | Player.

You can set the audio meter grouping to Stereo as shown above with 2 audio labels in combined channels. To toggle the audio meter display between Mono and Stereo, use these shortcut keys: Shift + Alt + G

You can also set the audio meter orientation to be stacked horizontally or vertically in User Preferences settings. The default is set to be stacked horizontally.

GV STRATUS supports the display of audio tags if already configured in the User Preferences settings. Audio tags can be selected from drop-down lists on the Audio Tags tab of the Inspector and automatically displayed on the audio meter.

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