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Create Export Presets

The Adobe Premiere editing application uses the Adobe Media Encoder (included with the install of Adobe Premiere) to export files to K2 storage. The exports are based on presets which specify a K2-compatible video codec, resolution, frame rate, field order, and FTP destination. Each preset is built to correspond to a specific GV STRATUS Send Destination.

Presets are created by an admin-level advanced user and saved to shared location accessible by the Adobe Premiere editors. Multiple presets can be created, according to workflow needs and corresponding to GV STRATUS Send Destination locations.

  1. Create presets according to the following specifications:
    • Create one preset file for each GV STRATUS Send Destination and name the preset with the exact name of the GV STRATUS Send Destination location.
    • The export preset file name must match the send destination location name you wish to export to. For example: playout.epr is created for the playout send destination location
    • Set format to MXF OP1a.
    • Do not Write XMP ID to Files on Import.
    • Do not export metadata.
    • Set a K2-compatible video codec. Your selection of a compatible video codec depends on K2 models, options, and licenses that are installed.

      For more info, refer to Video codec description K2 Summit system and K2 Summit/Solo formats, models, licenses, and hardware support.

    • Configure FTP settings as follows:
      • User Login: mxfmovie
      • Password: Leave blank
      • Server Address: IP address of the K2 Media Server with role of K2 FTP Server.
      • Remote Path: Desired destination bin on the K2 system.
  2. Save to V:\AdobeExporters.
    Note: After every setting change, the .epr file must be exported and saved again. Only then, the settings will take effect. If you click the Test button to test the FTP connection, it may fail. However, it does not affect the media export to K2 storage.

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