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About K2/Avid Transfer Manager and Avid Media Access

K2/Avid Transfer Manager is Grass Valley's push and pull plug-in application that allows you to push and pull files stored on a K2 system to and from an Avid editor or shared-storage device.

It provides a seamless interface between GV STRATUS and K2 servers and Avid standalone and shared-storage environments. The K2 system enhances the Avid Workgroup solution in several ways:
  • Provide a fast and reliable server for ingest and playout; once a story or a promo created using the Avid editor, you can send it to a K2 system for immediate playout.
  • Seamless Avid Interplay nonlinear workflow engine; you can begin playout while the file is being streamed from your editor to a server.,
  • Additional features to accelerate your workflow that lets you access a file while it’s being transferred.
  • A mirror option that lets you save to two servers (main and backup) in one operation.
  • Ability to simultaneously transfer up to four files between the K2 and editing environments.

With GV AMA (Avid Media Access) plug-in for Media Composer and NewsCutter, you can access GV file-based media directly on the K2 Summit system media volume V:. It allows fast editing since you are not required to import the files before the media can be used.

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