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Installing the K2AvidDHM software

Do the following steps to install the K2AvidDHM software on the PC that runs the Avid Interplay Transfer Engine.
  1. Browse the folder of installers and navigate to \K2AvidDhm\Disk1\.
  2. Double-click Setup.exe.
  3. Click Next in the "Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for K2AvidDHM" dialog box.

    The License Agreement dialog box is displayed.

  4. Select the I accept the terms in the License agreement check box.
  5. Take the time to read the information provided on the license agreement and click Next.
  6. Click OK if you get the following message when you are attempting to install on a device which do not have any Avid Interplay Transfer Engine installed.
    Note: Ensure that you have installed Avid Interplay Transfer.

    Likewise a message will be displayed if both Transfer Manager and Interplay Transfer engine are installed.

  7. Click Install to start the installation in the "Ready to Install" dialog box.
  8. Do take the time to read the information provided in the "License Required for this version of software" dialog box and click Next.

    The status dialog then displays the progress of the installation.

  9. Click Finish when the install is completed.
  10. Restart the Avid Interplay Transfer Engine to complete the DHM installation.

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