Other Topic Library Versions

Verify TserverSvc is installed correctly

  1. On the K2 Media Client or K2 Summit Production Client, open the Logviewer program in c:\profile\log.exe.
    Note: Make sure no filters are selected.
  2. Then look for the following TServerSvc messages.
    • INFO: No master or slave IP alias for: DeviceHostName, mirroring not in use.
    • Waiting for request to be received from Avid Transfer manager.

    This indicates the service is installed and running.
  3. Repeat the above steps for each K2 Media Client or K2 Summit Production Client you wish to use.
    Note: Default username administrator and password adminK2 are used by the Tserver. You can overwrite the default credentials by running C:\profile\TserverConfigWizard.exe.

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