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  1. Fixed ncbug00075461 — AvidTServer install had the option show the install log at the end, but it doesn't work. Disabled the "Show the Windows Installer log check box" from the SetupCompleteSuccess dialogbox.
  2. Fixed ncbug00075397 — Unable to transfer List or Program from K2 Summit system to Avid.Failures to transfer Lists are caused by additional video frames transferred for transition's. There is no way to handle this on the Avid side. So to address this, any attempt to transfer a list is now rejected.
  3. Fixed ncbug00075137 — Sighting: K2 Avid Explorer had an unhandled exception.Added better exception handling and check to guard against accessing null objects.
  4. Fixed ncbug00075398 — K2AvidExplorer crashes when user clicks on a bin that no longer exists. Fixed additional issues where bin would not update or wrong bin would be deleted.
  5. Fixed ncbug00075399 — Audio misalignment (out of sync with video) on Programs transferred from K2 Summit system to Avid MediaComposer. Added code to correct the Audio sample used when dealing with Programs (sequences).
  6. Fixed ncbug00075401 — Logviewer throws an error from K2AvidExplorer whenever the clip name is changed while it is still being recorded.
  7. Fixed ncbug00074988 — Transfer of subclips from K2 Summit system to Avid Media Composer sometimes fail. This should be addressed by the fix in ncbug00075399.

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