Other Topic Library Versions


  1. Build for Interplay transfer engine 2.5.
  2. Fixed ncbug00075822: Software license agreement for K2 DHM/Ingest/Tserver installation needs to be updated (get rid of Thomson). Changed the Email address from K2license@thomson.net to K2License@grassvalley.com in the K2-AvidTm.ini to be used for License requests wizard.
  3. Fixed ncbug00075824: K2-AvidTMLicense request wizard does not launch. Unable to locate wizard.hta.. Updated the path used by install shield.
  4. Fixed ncbug00075785: Updated the license cutter to create licenses named K2-AvidTM instead of k2-DHM and updated the TemporaryLicense.txt to include K2-AVIDTM Evaluation license instead of SERVER-SOFTWARE-TEMPORARY. Updated the receiver and dhm dll to work with both k2-DHM and K2-AVIDTM.

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