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Windows operating system update policy

Grass Valley recognizes that it is essential to deploy Microsoft security patches to Windows operating system products as quickly as possible. As Grass Valley systems are used to meet the mission-critical requirements of your environment, it is imperative that these systems be kept up to date in order to maintain the highest level of security available. To that end, Grass Valley recommends that for standard-edition Windows operating system products, you install all important updates provided by Microsoft. In the unlikely event that one of these updates causes ill effects to a Grass Valley system, you are urged to uninstall the update and contact Grass Valley customer service as soon as possible. Grass Valley will investigate the incompatibility and, if necessary, provide a software update or work-around to allow the system to properly function with the Microsoft update in question.

Note that this policy applies to “Important” updates only. There are countless updates not classified as “Important” that are made available by Microsoft. If you believe that one or more of these other updates must be applied, contact Grass Valley prior to installation. This policy also applies to standard-edition (not embedded) operating systems only. Do not attempt to update an embedded Windows operating system in any way except as directed by Grass Valley for the specific product.

You should exercise common sense when applying updates. Specifically, do not download or install an update while a Grass Valley product is being used for mission-critical purposes such as play to air.

Note: If a computer does not have the Grass Valley Embedded Security solution one-time initial deployment process applied, do not install any Windows updates. Apply the one-time process before installing Windows updates.

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